Find a Project

Kitchen Table Service Projects

If you want to make a difference and teach your children the value of giving back, but your time or transportation is limited, you can serve the community without leaving your house. You’ll find dozens of “kitchen table” service projects (including resources and thoughtful reflection questions) at our Big-Hearted Families website.

These ideas also work for any school, faith group, workplace or other organization that wants to offer service to families right in their own building. If your group is interested in a fun evening that combines several of these projects, check out Family Service Night.

Out in the Community

Want to get out in the community, partner with a local organization, and meet folks while you serve? Here are some ways to find opportunities in your community, regardless of your interests, time constraints or ages of your children.

Specific to the Twin Cities

Because we’re based in the Twin Cities, we can direct you to myriad organizations that welcome families as volunteers. First, sign up for our free monthly listing of Twin Cities family service projects. Then consult our archived lists for more terrific ideas.

Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer vacations let your family experience other cultures and environs while contributing to a good cause. Most service-oriented vacations don’t require specific skills – just enthusiasm, open-mindedness and a willingness to pay your own expenses. Volunteer options abound – like maintaining trails, working with children, or building and renovating. You might also check with your church, temple or synagogue about community service trips.

Holiday Volunteering

Here’s an antidote to holiday stress: Carve out some family time for community service. You’ll create a meaningful family tradition and have guaranteed time together. But get started early. Some organizations are inundated with volunteers at holiday time.

Summer Volunteering

Why not spend some of that free time this summer giving back? We have some easy and fun ways your family can make a real difference in the community.