Family Service Night

What is it?

Family Service Night is a fun volunteer evening that focuses around 5 to 10 “booths” or “stations,” each one offering a simple, hands-on service project for families, such as:

  • stuffing birthday bags for kids in need
  • making sandwiches for a local homeless shelter
  • creating blankets for kids who are sick or sad, or
  • writing letters to soldiers.

Families can do all the projects or just one or two, educating their children in the process about critical social issues and the value of serving others.  It has proved to be an ideal way for families to have fun together while making a real difference in the community.

Why does family service matter?

Research indicates that family volunteering teaches empathy, community responsibility and good citizenship to young people; strengthens families through improved communication and time together; and meets critical community needs by encouraging philanthropy. As parents leave Family Service Night, they receive take-home project ideas so they can continue their involvement in community service on their own.

What do parents and kids think about Family Service Night?

DGT Family Service Night won the 2007 Minnesota State Service Award, which recognizes exceptional programs and organizations that engage students in service. In evaluations, more than 95% of families rated the evening as “Great”!  What’s more, this fun, meaningful evening activity has consistently attracted even those families that don’t normally “show up” at school and faith group events.

“What a wonderful event! We left with full giving hearts and continued thoughts on how we plan to make a difference in our daily lives.”  — Parent of an elementarty school student, The Blake School, Hopkins, Minn.

“Thank you again for such a great event last night! Not only was it a great client event, it was a powerful reminder to me — and to my daughter — that there is so much more that we could be doing to help others. Emma could not stop talking about it as we drove home.”  — Attorney, Barnes and Thornburg, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Doing Good Together has provided service project ideas, expertise in how to organize and sustain family service inititatives and a depth to the activities that allows families to reflect on why their volunteer work matters.”  — Jim Litwin, Principal, Horace Mann School, St. Paul, Minn.

What resources must your business, school, faith or community group provide?

Most important is one or more enthusiastic parents and/or staff who will work with DGT to organize the event. Project materials also must be obtained – either through purchase or donation.

What does Doing Good Together offer and what is the cost?

Our fee will vary depending on the type of assistance you require. You can simply purchase our comprehensive Family Service Night manual, which includes promotion, reflection and education materials.  Or, if you’d prefer, DGT can customize the event for your organization — taking care of all the planning and implementation! The cost of materials for the “stations” will depend on the number and type of projects you choose.

For more information about organizing a Family Service Night event at your workplace, school, faith or community group, call (612.822.6502) or email (